Who we Are

Porta Capena was founded in 2001 by an international team of professionals from Belgium and Poland with vast experience in electronic engineering, databases, software and hardware. Our company has over ten years of experience in building smart tools for energy savings. Our main field of expertise is delivery of technical and analytical solutions in the area of rational energy usage. We are a long-term Climate-KIC partner.

Our EcoSCADA solution for energy management is already in use by facility managers and communities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. By combining knowledge from different markets and businesses, Porta Capena can deliver high-end tools, even for low-budget projects.

Our mission

Porta Capena strives to become an affordable provider of knowledge and solutions for energy saving. By working with clients in different countries we learned how to provide complete turn-key solutions, how to help in building hybrid systems of hardware and software of different suppliers as well as deliver our own low-cost energy saving platform EcoSCADA to those who need fast and easy solution with no internal IT budget.

Your gate to energy savings

The historical Porta Capena was a gate in the Servian Wall in Rome. It was one of the main entries to the city and was famous among travelers and merchants of old times as a place to exchange knowledge and contacts that were critical to the success of their business. Our company aspires to fulfill the same role in today's Energy Savings market.

  • The increasingly scientifically-based models applied in EcoSCADA makes it more and more the market leader in products for energy management.

    Cor Kleinveld, Grontmij N.V., The Netherlands

  • Porta Capena has become much more than a supplier but our partner in our continuous improvement approach.

    Olivier Voisin, Green Adviser, Befimmo SA/NV, Belgium

  • Porta Capena team has very well succeed in understanding the goal of the application and the specificities of my business, as well as in building the application in an expeditious way and even in leveling up its functionalities beyond my expectations.

    Pieter Demuynck, INTU.pro, Belgium

  • The people of Porta Capena excell in quickly grasping the project's business context and bringing up adequate solutions, showing extraordinary knowledge of the latest technologies as well as time-tested development techniques. Timing and quality have consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

    Peter De Jonghe, Proceedix, Belgium